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Dream Project Ideas

Title : makeyouroffer Many times when searching to book for a hotel just after looking the price I deleted the choice. I did not call or email to ask for discount because it is something I do not like to do.So I was thinking if there is a platform where I can send my offer ? And if the offer I make is convenient for the owner (as for example a period where tourism is low or need a room for many days)? So I dream to create a platform where an owner of a hotel can put his availability period for offers and a client can make his/her offer.The owner will have the rigth to accept/reject the offer.
- Dimitris Farros
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Buy a Cote Azur villa with multiples rooms a swimming pool and nice garden. Access to part of the villa will be totally dedicated to the founding participants. The founding participants will organize their staying in the villa based on availability shown the villa website.
- Singleton
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The first restaurant in America that is constructed out of bamboo in Portland, Oregon that offers up invasive species as the menu items. Feral Swine (invasive to Oregon) could be cooked Balinese style called Baba Guling which are roasted over coconut husks and marinated with coconut juice. Bull Frogs are another invasive species in Oregon and Frog legs would be on the menu as well as invasive crayfish, and there are edible plants as well that are invasive species that could be used for consumption. Dining would be not only educational, but actually help the environment by reducing the unwanted invaders that cause ecological disaster for native wildlife and plants.
- Scott Jones
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