Nomad-A-What Coworking Space

"TravelStarter was an excellent choice for us as the crowdfunding platform we used for our project, Nomad-A-What Coworking. We were able to raise the funds we needed to transform our general coworking space into the ultimate digital nomad hub. That wasn't the only benefit, though. Our campaign has also given us great opportunities to connect with travelers and people who were beyond our own network, but had an interest in our project and what we're trying to accomplish. Using a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to travel and tourism proved to be a very positive experience for us. The TravelStarter team showed a great commitment to help our campaign succeed, and helped support us along the way. They stayed in close contact and had continuous dialogue with us before and during our campaign. They were also always open to ideas and feedback from us if there was anything to improve on. Overall the campaign took hard work and dedication, but was a wonderful experience and we would choose TravelStarter again."
- Courtney from San Francisco, California

Safehouse Hostel Campaign

"We are so happy to have reached 100% on our campaign. With the money we've raised through TravelStarter we can now finish the building to a higher quality and restore some of its original features, like another marble fireplace we've just discovered under layers of paint."
- Daniel Wimpelberg from Cardiff, UK

Herbal House

"It was a unique experience for us being part of TravelStarter. Through all campaign we really appreciated all help and support we got from TravelStarter staff. What is more, after the campaign finished, we strengthen our base of potential guests in Herbal House Homestay, improve our communication skills with journalists and on social medias so as to put our region of Lower Soca valley on the tourist map. More locals from Slovenia and foreign tourists heard for Herbal House Homestay just because of the campaign on TravelStarter."
- Vesna from Slovenia

Dunaway Bed & Breakfast

"TravelStarter was lot of help, both in motivating and helpful support/input/suggestions."
- Michelle from San Diego, California
TravelStarter Case Study - The Safehouse Hostel, Cardiff - UK.
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