Project guidelines

What you need to know before posting your project

Your project needs to be a PROJECT.

Your project has to be just that– a project. It has to have a clear end, a time frame, and a result. The outcome can be a trip, a business, or any other creative, educational, or innovative project.

Your project needs to fit into a TravelStarter category.

Every project must fit into one of the TravelStarter categories:

  • Accommodation (Examples: small hotels, hostels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast and more)
  • Adventure & Activities (Examples: surfshop, kayaking school, adventure boot camp, etc. )
  • Ecology & Sustainability (Examples: eco accommodation, green tours and other great ideas)
  • Food & Beverage (Examples: restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, pubs and other culinary delights)
  • Travel Business (Examples: travel agencies, guiding services, tour providers and others)

PEASE NOTE: Any form of personal travel or privately oranized travel for personal benefit is not a TravelStarter project category. 

The language of the platform is English.

Your entire project needs to be written in English, including all the updates, comments, videos, and other materials.

Who can create projects?

You must be at least 18 years old to create a project on TravelStarter. The platform is open to all countries, provided you have a valid address, a phone number, a PayPal account, and an internationally recognized photo ID.

What is not allowed?

For legal reasons we do not allow certain items and topics to be included within your project or as rewards.

  • Sexually explicit materials

You cannot publish sexually explicit materials anywhere in your project, and you are not allowed to offer sexual services or offers as rewards.

  • Financial rewards

You cannot offer financial rewards, such as shares, profit sharing, investment funds, equity, ownership and/or other financial incentives.

  • Gaming, contests, coupons, and lottery prizes

You cannot offer raffle entries, competitions, or gambling services as rewards.

  • Illegal items

You cannot offer any items that are illegal or restricted such as weapons, drugs, and medication.

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and drug restrictions

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are strictly prohibited to be offered as rewards.

  • Firearms, weapons, knives

Any form or type of firearms, weapons, and knives is strictly prohibited. This also applies to replicas of weapons.

  • Medical, safety, and health products

No medical, safety, or health products are allowed. This includes bath, beauty, and cosmetic products, as well as eyewear and other personal care items.

  • Obscene language

We do not tolerate any use of obscene language. Any posts not adhering to this policy will be immediately deleted, and the members who do not follow our rules could and will be suspended.

  • Offensive material

No offensive material (hate speech, discrimination) will be tolerated. We also do not allow political endorsements.

  • Copyright violation

Make sure all the materials you use are your own or you have the appropriate rights to use them. You are required to adhere to copyright and intellectual property laws. Any content violating those rules will be investigated.

  • Item resale

You are not allowed to resell the items you offer. All the rewards need to be produced or offered by the project author.

  • Genetically modified organisms

You cannot offer genetically modified organisms as a rewards.

More About Guidelines

Our mission is not to limit you, but to help you develop and grow your project in a safe and open environment. The guidelines are here to protect you and your funders. While a few of our rules are very strict and non-negotiable, we will continue to listen to you and revise the rules as necessary.

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