Pricing & Fees

TravelStarter offers two types of funding options, and enables payments via PayPal.

Fixed funding

This option requires you to reach your funding goal. If you don’t, all the raised funds are returned to your backers. Keep that in mind when planning, and set up realistic goals.

Flexible funding

With the flexible funding you keep all the funds you raise even if you don’t reach the goal, however our fees are a bit higher if you don’t. As soon as you pass your goal, your fees are equal to the fixed funding option.


Fixed funding

Flexible funding

You reach your goal



You don’t reach your goal

No fees, but funds get refunded

9%, you keep the funds

PayPal fees

Approximately 3.9% + $0.30 USD

We use PayPal to process all our payments, and currently only USD payments are available, however the service is available to project owners and funders from all over the world (with a few legal limitations). The exact amount of PayPal fees depends on your country and the funding amount. For more details about PayPal fees, visit PayPal fee information website.

The great thing about PayPal is that the funds you raise usually reach you immediately after your campaign ends.

PayPal restrictions


  • If you want to receive over 2,500 EUR or 1,900 GBP, you need to provide extra identity information about your business.
  • In the EU you can only check out as a guest 10 times per card.
  • In Germany a PayPal account is required, since no guest checkouts are allowed


  • In Quebec you can only receive up to $999 CAD per day.


  • Indian PayPal accounts cannot receive funding from other countries – only domestic transactions are allowed.


  • If you log in to PayPal from Egypt, your account will be blocked.


  • We currently cannot support campaigns from Brazil, since transactions in USD are not allowed there.


  • We also cannot support campaigns from Turkey, since no foreign transactions are allowed.


  • There are extra fees involved with foreign payments (2,5%) to convert USD to Yen.
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